Chagrin River Consulting

Lean Training and Consulting for the Great Lakes Region
Chagrin River Consulting Can Help Your Company Grow
Chagrin River Consulting works for small to medium-sized organizations. 

We are centered in Akron, Ohio, though our reach goes beyond northeast Ohio. 

Our specialty is consulting and training in manufacturing but we have helped health care, education, public sector and not-for-profit organizations achieve excellence as well.


"Your ability to make lean methods and concepts clear to all of us has been central to our success."

-Talan Products, Cleveland

"You did a great job of explaining the lean tools clearly and succinctly."

Grand River Rubber and Plastics, Ashtabula

The rapport you built with our operators was impressive.  Your approach was critical to obtaining the participation required to be successful with our continuous improvement."

- MK Morse, Canton
About Chagrin River Consulting...
Chagrin River Consulting is a small agency that works for small and medium-sized organizations, helping them get better at what they do.  Our specialty is manufacturing but we've also worked with health care , education, the public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

Here's What Get Better Means...
Reduce costs, increase revenues, improve safety, improve innovation, improve teamwork and  collaboration, improve problem solving and decision making at all levels, improve customer service,improve leadership skills, improve strategy.

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